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Welcome to Vox, where we brew the best tasting and most refreshing kombucha you've ever had! Vox kombucha is 

brewed with only the highest quality ingredients and is naturally fermented to produce a unique, beautiful flavour you won't find anywhere else. So come and give Vox a try -- we promise you won't be disappointed! Taste our delicious flavours today and see for yourself why our kombucha is quickly becoming the go-to drink for health-conscious, food-loving people in our region!

You want to enjoy feeling great and staying hydrated. Vox is here to help you with lively kombucha that will quench your thirst and keep your spirits high. Vox is the first canned kombucha in the National Capital Region, offering a lower-footprint kombucha for you to feel good about.

"Vox" is a Latin word meaning "voice", the perfect name for a kombucha brewery run by singers.  

Get hydrated, brighten your day, stay lively, find your voice with Vox.

- Eva & Ryan, Vox Founders

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