We’ve always been a tad unconventional, a little rebellious at heart. We’re driven to crafting our own lifestyle, our own workflow, our own products, by our own rules. And we love the challenge of defying the odds:


Can we build a tiny kombucha brewery from the ground up without going into debt for it?

Can we grow our business organically while still being active musicians?

Can we maintain a workweek that allows for lots of family and community time?

Can we brew the best damn kombucha we can imagine on a large scale without sacrificing on quality?




Is it easy? Well, no.


But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.


Ryan and Eva are an unlikely partnership. Much like the symbiotic pairing of bacteria and yeast that results in the magic of kombucha, these two very different people crossed paths in the Wakefield music scene, and soon found a spark that would ignite a magical business and a life together. Adding Eva’s two dynamic daughters to this symbiotic blend, Vox Kombucha was born.


The basic principles were there from the start:

  1. Brew delicious, high-quality, naturally fermented kombucha

  2. Use all organic ingredients, local and fairly traded when possible

  3. Only distribute locally, focusing on local food systems and minimizing the use of fossil fuels used in shipping

  4. Use reusable, recyclable, and sustainable materials and equipment whenever possible

  5. Maintain ethical business practices on all fronts

  6. Maintain a business that supports the healthy, well-rounded life of its owners and potential employees (and allow us to still be active musicians!)

  7. Foster healthy family life and family-focused business


We just wouldn’t operate any other way.

So what does this mean for you? Well, when you buy a bottle (or few!) of Vox Kombucha, you can know that:

  1. First of all, you’re in for a delicious treat because it’s damn good stuff

  2. You can also feel the goodness of the health benefits radiating through your system from the first sip, nourishing your immune system, gut health, boosting your hydration and offering antioxidents and B vitamins… the list goes on!

  3. You’re supporting a local family business run by musicians, who in turn spend their income locally, fueling a healthy economy of small businesses run by real people who really care

  4. You’re drinking a beverage made with love and incredible attention to quality


‘Vox’ is the Latin word for voice, the name that ties it all together for a company run by musicians forging their own path in this world.


We’re doing what we can, and you can too.


Create your future and find your voice.



Eva & Ryan

Vox Kombucha

Vox in the wild

© 2017 by Vox Kombucha

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