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Welcome to the Vox Blog!

Hi there, I'm Eva, co-founder/owner/producer/etc. of Vox Kombucha. I'll do a more thorough "about me" later on, but here's a quick run-down: I'm a fermenter, foodie, musician, designer, maker, and, most importantly, mama to two incredible daughters. I live in beautiful small-town Wakefield, Quebec, and have a loving partner, my guy Ryan, in work and in life.

My older daughter took this sweet pic of my hands two years ago, the very first day we got our brand new labels. We were just starting out, and filled to the brim with excitement.

Want to see anything in particular here?

Let me know! I have a million things I want to share and write about, which is why I decided to start this sub-blog through my booch website. The Vox blog will definitely have to do with kombucha, but it will also be much more. I want to share tips and ideas for healthy eating and living, offer a glimpse into our life and business, showcase some of the best of the region, and chat about fermentation, food, farming, sustainability, ethical business... everything I'm interested in! Feel free to hit me up with questions.

So many fermented goodies to choose from...

First Vox Blog Tip:

Eat something fermented every day. (or better yet, with every meal!)

Why? We'll I'll get more indepth in a later post (or several), but in a nut shell: fermented foods contain nutrients like probiotics, beneficial acids, enzymes, healthy bacteria and yeast, not to mention vitamins and minerals, and the list goes on. The fermentation process takes foods from their original form to a new realm of beneficial, making incredibly supportive to your digestive system. Why does this matter? Well, we are what we eat, right? Every time we eat, we're hoping that all of the nutrients in that food goes to nourish our bodies. Our digestive systems are the gatekeepers for all those nutrients, so the better they are at breaking down and accepting nutrients, the more good stuff gets absorbed into our systems. Fermented foods help foster a healthy gut, making all the foods we eat benefit us to their max.

It's almost like a magic trick: eat ferments every day and all your foods are healthier for you!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make, buy, or otherwise acquire a variety of fermented foods (easy ones are kombucha, of course, sauerkraut, raw pickles, dairy ferments such as high-quality yogurts, or whatever strikes your fancy).

  2. Try to think of fermented foods as their own food group, like produce, protein, and carbs.

  3. Add this new food group into your daily mix, at least once.

  4. Be bold, be creative, be open to new tastes and smells!

  5. Feel amazing, listen to the quiet "thank you" from your body!

  6. Share the fermented goodness, tell your friends, ride the wave!

That's it for now, check back soon for more!



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