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Incredibly flavourful hot sauces made from fermented, locally grown peppers!


Hot Wax Poetic (the yellow one) Fermented hungarian hot wax peppers, poetically paired with winter squash, turmeric, and black mustard seeds. Energetically enlivens eggs, sandwiches, rice dishes, soups, hams, and curries with its warm, sunshiney heat!


Blazing Apple Ginger (the green one) Fermented jalapeno peppers, blazingly blended with apple and ginger. Adds heavenly heat to your stir fry, salad, tofu, pork, and  quesadillas, with its deliciously zesty zip and zing!


Cinder & Smoke (the red one) Fermented cayenne, habanero, and ghost peppers roasted and smoked red peppers. Singe your supper, pasta dish, breakfast sandwich, sausage, and caesar cocktail with this smokey slow burn!

Hot Sauce

  • Available for local delivery (within Wakefield/La Peche/Chelsea/Gatineau/Ottawa). Refrigerate after opening. Orders for Thursday delivery close at 4pm on Tuesday.

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